Monday, December 21, 2009

Menu 12-22-09

Omnibus Delecto
December  22nd and 23rd  2009

Cajun Turkey- Goldenfarms spicy turkey breast with avocado aioli, organic romaine leaves and shaved organic red onion (optional).

French Ham- Niman Ranch Ham with cornichons, radishes and Louisiana butter from Smith Family Creamery.

George Marcopolis- Bulgarian feta and Agostino anchovies with Persian cucumbers, organic sugar plum tomatoes, organic red onion & Kalamata olives.

Miss Vicky’s Potato Chips - All natural sea salt, smokehouse bbq and jalapeño.

All our ingredients are fresh and unprocessed.  Our produce is bought in neighborhood ethnic and farmers markets and is organic or local whenever possible. Our meats are from humane certified farms like Applegate, Goldenfarms and Nieman Ranch. Our breads are finished each morning.

On Other Days We Might Have…

Bobbie’s Special Applegate Farms sopressata and provolone with romaine lettuce, organic tomatoes, spicy guindilla peppers, organic red onion, red endive, and organic fennel.
Classic Florentine- Applegate Farms Prosciutto with mozzarella, and basil
Lemon Tonnoolive oil packed, dolphin-safe tuna with splendido tomatoes, white endive,  lemon aioli and shaved organic red onion (optional).
Tavolo Caldo- Slow roasted vegetables: eggplant,  organic fennel, organic red onion and organic zucchini with goat cheese and olive tapenade.


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  1. OMG, sounds DELISH!!!!

    But, how can I follow you on Twitter if your Twitter account name isn't listed here? :-)


  2. aha! good point. on twitter I am ODelecto. Come checkout how seamlessly i have incorporated modern technology into my life.

  3. Mom got a sandwich named after her!? Nice! Just mad I cannot order one for lunch tomorrow... :(